Monday, March 8, 2010

One Million Pillowcase Challenge

"Calling all quilters, sewers and crafters! American Patchwork & Quilting is challenging you to join our efforts to Make a Pillowcase, Make a Difference. Every pillowcase can make a difference in your community. A pillowcase can provide comfort for a cancer patient, hope for a foster child, encouragement for a battered woman, or beauty for a nursing home resident.

To participate, find a shop hosting One Million Pillowcase Challenge events in your area. Once your pillowcases are complete and donated locally, log on below to enter how many pillowcases you made. Help us reach our goal of ONE MILLION Pillowcases."

Today I finished 4 pillowcases for the One Million Pillowcase Challenge. Please join the challenge and give the gift of a nice pillowcase to people in need in your community.

Print your own fabric

Who has a dream of printing their own fabric?

Practically any one who has searched a fabric store for the color and print they have in their mind, but can't find it anywhere on the shelves. That is why Inkbloom is the product for you. Inkbloom allows you to print directly on to fabric. I know I want one. (Ha ha, I sound like an infomercial. But I really do think it is great.)

I love digital scrapbooking and sewing. Inkbloom combines the two and gives you total creativity.

Little Dreamer Designs has an amazing give away right now for this product. Check it out:

Little Dreamer Designs Loomtack Giveaway