Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Emilie Daly Designs Easter Dresses

 Easter dresses from my sister-in-law's fabric line!  Emilie Daly Designs, Mary Jencks line!
The best part about her designs is that they are sold online.  Each design can me purchased in 3 different sizes.  You can buy them at Modern Yardage here:
I used these fabrics:

 My baby's dress was from an old pattern my mom had from her aunt.  Although the style in the 60's was to hem it up about 3 inches higher, I wanted it longer and only did a small hem. 

I love the detailing of the small buttons and the pockets.  I measured a headband from Gymboree that we have to make this copy.  I am going to make a tutorial for how to make it soon.  It is super cute!

My second daughter chose a super cute pattern with a bubble skirt and a tie around the waste.  However, the top was super small and had ties around the neck so I took another old pattern from my aunt for the top and sleeves.  She was the first one to choose the colors of her dress when I got the fabric.  I love what she chose.  I think the dress looks great just how she picked it.

I also learned that she is really photogenic.  She is a goofball when taking photos, but so many of her photos turned out so good. 

My oldest daughter picked a pattern with a pieced together skirt.  It was actually a lot or work to get the skirt all put together, but it turned out really cute.  The top in the pattern didn't have sleeves, but I just used the same sleeves from the other pattern to add sleeves to this dress.  We also found the perfect ric-rac for the detailing and the buttons on the back at JoAnn's Fabric Store.