Tuesday, January 26, 2010

February: Love

I made these Valentine's crafts as examples for our Relief Society craft we are going to do in February.

We got the wood from the Wood Connection in Salt Lake.

First, I painted the wood. Next I traced the letters and cut out the scrapbook paper and mod podged it onto the wood. I also used mod podged as a glue for the craft glitter.


  1. you are way to crafty...be sure to invite me to your craft days....I want to be crafty too!

  2. Your ward is so lucky to have such a talented person to come up with such adorable craft ideas. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!!

  3. Check this blog of my friends out http://zollyzoo.com/jennblog/?p=2399 This is such a cute heart garland and way easy to make. Such a fun and quick way to decorate for Valentine's. We even made some extras to give away to grandmas.