Thursday, February 18, 2010


Two nights ago, I was sewing during commercials of Lost and I pushed my machine to go too fast. All of the sudden... BANG... the needle hit a pin. However, the needle didn't break, neither did the pin. It only bent in half and got shoved down into the bobbin with the needle forcing the face plate to pop up. It was quite a violent collision.

After a few hours of undoing the damage and trying to get my machine to keep working, I relented to the disagreeable reality that I couldn't fix it and would have to send it in to be repaired. So this morning the girls and I dropped of our blessed sewing machine at the "doctor" who will keep it for five days.

Five whole days.

Right now it seems like an eternity. Don't laugh, really it does. I'm in the mood to sew. I have projects that are just pinned together and need sewing. I have cut and pinned projects for the past couple days, but I want to see how they will turn out and I can't do that without my machine.

Help, I am going through sewing withdrawals.


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  1. That was quite the accident! Maybe it's time to revisit the old fashioned art of hand stitching.