Monday, March 7, 2011

Family Home Evening Board

We love family home evening. B. loves having a specific part of the evening that she is in charge of (especially when she is on treat.) I have looked for a cute FHE chart with just four spots, but never saw one I liked so I created one myself.

I found an old fence post in the garage that was cut to the size I wanted it. I bought cute green double sided damask paper and wooden tags at Roberts. I already had the ribbon, hooks, and vinyl. Over all cost for this project: $2.78.

  1. First I painted the edges of the board and tags black.
  2. I measured the length of the board and cut the paper to the size I needed. I had to do two pieces of paper to make it fit.
  3. Next I traced the tags onto the paper and cut them out.
  4. I then mod podged the paper onto the board and tags. Make sure to use as little mod podge as possible since it will make the paper buckle. However, since this was good thick double sided paper, it didn't bubble.
  5. I measured the board and tag for the size of letters I wanted and cut them out using my silhouette machine.
  6. Next I put the vinyl on to the board and tags. (The silhouette vinyl is horrible and didn't go on straight. The letters keep moving around and don't stick very well.)
  7. Next I added flat sawtooth hooks to the back of the board to hang it on the wall. I also added four hooks to the front to hang the tags on.
  8. I used some black ribbon I had in my stash to hang the tags.
  9. Making sure it was level, we then hung it on the wall.
LOVE IT! Now we have assigned parts for our Family Home Evenings on Monday nights.

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