Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sewing Room Makeover

A couple weeks ago my girls spent the weekend at Grandma's house. Since I was all caught up on orders, I didn't know what to do with my free time. So I decided to paint my sewing/laundry room. Yea! I have been waiting to do this for a long time. Here is a before picture. Please notice the horrible tan and white sponge painting. It did nothing for the room.

Here is a post from last fall about my desire to paint this room.

I picked out a beautiful light blue with a hint of green. It looks gray in the following pictures, but trust me, it looks blue.

I also have been able to play around with my new silhouette machine and create some beautiful vinyl decals for the sewing room. I hung this adorable picture grouping of my girls right by my dryer (see the wall in the picture above.)

I also created a wonderful "Mud Room" area so coats and hats can be hung up when people come in from the garage instead of throwing them on the floor. The full length mirror used to face into the sewing room, now it faces the hallway. I scared myself to death the first time I walked past it. I thought someone was in the sewing room looking at me.

I also made this cute dress for vinyl from silhouette vinyl. HOWEVER... I was planning on putting it on the wall, but am happy how it looks on the magnet board.
THE PROBLEM IS... Silhouette vinyl SUCKS! It doesn't stick very well, it even tries to come off the backing paper when you cut it out forcing you to cut it again and wasting lots of vinyl. It also doesn't stick to the walls or paper very well. Once placed, you can move it around. I created a Family Home Evening board with it and the letters can be easily bumped and moved. NOT COOL.

I bought some vinyl by the foot at Roberts and it is SO MUCH BETTER! It actually sticks... very very well. I made some name signs for my girls bedroom doors. That vinyl is great. My advice is to not buy silhouette vinyl and just get it from Roberts by the foot. It is so much cheaper. You do have to trim the Roberts vinyl from 12 inches down to 9 inches, but it is worth it.

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